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Virtual Health: The answer to a challenging health care landscape

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Virtual Health: The answer to a challenging health care landscape

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Virtual health is becoming a more normalized option for patients, with 41% having consulted a doctor over the phone or virtually in the last two years.* At Cigna Healthcare, we’ve been investing in digital and analytical capabilities to enhance our health services making them more affordable and accessible.

Virtual health has great potential to bring access and affordability – two key pillars in the drive to achieve health care equity. By delivering health services virtually to people when and where they need it, we are closing the gaps in health care access.

To learn more about the virtual health landscape and some of services Cigna Healthcare offers, read our new report ‘Virtual Health: The answer to a challenging healthcare landscape.

*The following data is part of the Cigna Healthcare 360 Global Well-being Survey 2023. The fieldwork for this survey was completed in January 2023.

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