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The Psychology of Habitual Behaviors

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The Psychology of Habitual Behaviors

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As COVID-19 continues to impact our daily lives, the habits that formed our healthy routines, including both the physical and mental side of well-being, are being disrupted.

Before the pandemic, we all had our own daily routines. They varied from traveling to work to what we ate for breakfast and even where we ate breakfast – at home, on our way to work or at the office. Some habits were so ingrained in our everyday life that we carried them out automatically. But now, as many of us continue to work from home, many of these routines and habits, have been forever changed.

Creating New Habits

Cigna’s Psychology of Habitual Behaviors article explores the importance of habitual behavior and how we can form new, healthy and fulfilling routines while working remotely. Turning achievable goals into healthy habits can create a positive and successful regimen that works for each of us long-term. 

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