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Insights on Loneliness

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Insights on Loneliness

The Global Wellbeing team hosted the second Wellbeing Insights Forum of the year on the topic of loneliness. The event the first to be held completely remotely and was the best-attended edition yet, with attendees connecting from around the globe.

Forum hosts welcomed Dr. Stuart Lustig, Cigna National Medical Executive for Behavioral Health and co-author of the Cigna 2018 Loneliness Index, as an expert speaker. He shared a presentation on loneliness and stress, citing recent Cigna loneliness report findings. An animated discussion followed with contributions from Cigna leadership, including Dr. Doug Nemecek, Chief Medical Officer, and Dr. Lior Baruch, Senior Medical Advisor.

Read the following articles to learn more about the physical and emotional impacts of loneliness, as well as resources available to help reduce it.

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