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India COVID-19 Support: Teladoc Health Collaboration

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India COVID-19 Support: Teladoc Health Collaboration

Cigna International Markets® Partners with Teladoc Health® to Support Customers Located in India

Multinational employers with employees located in India are relying on a long-standing collaboration between Cigna International Markets and Teladoc Health to provide life-saving access to care.  

Cigna International Markets, an international division of global health service company Cigna, is partnering with Teladoc Health, a global leader in whole-person virtual care, to support local populations in India during the current COVID-19 humanitarian crisis. The organizations rapidly setup live clinical support for thousands of individuals facing difficulties in accessing the country’s overwhelmed medical facilities.

Current Challenge
The COVID-19 surge in India recently reached levels not seen anywhere else in the world. In a brief period of time, death tolls quickly climbed and millions of COVID-19 cases were confirmed. The lack of access to basic medical care is exacerbated by local hospital systems and intensive care units reaching capacity and inability to produce or ship supplies, including oxygen, fast enough to meet demand.

The Cigna International Markets team immediately leveraged their longstanding relationship with Teladoc Health to quickly assist U.S. multinational corporations with large local employee populations in India. In a coordinated approach, both companies activated local and global capabilities in less than 24 hours and brought much needed care to many people who desperately needed help from the global community.

Power of Collaboration
Cigna International Markets and Teladoc Health collaborated to expand robust telehealth capabilities overnight. Together, both companies delivered an agile solution that empowered thousands of locally based individuals to connect with a health care professional who could then safely and securely manage their care and write prescriptions as needed. Other solutions deployed included a dedicated emergency hotline, providing needed on the ground support, an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and associated behavioral health support and grief counseling.

With most hospitals and health care facilities at capacity treating individuals with COVID-19 related issues, individuals are using these hotline and telehealth offerings to seek care for non-COVID-19 related issues as well. Leveraging virtual services, people can avoid potential exposure and safely receive care from their own homes.

“Our Teladoc collaboration is critical to being able to quickly offer access to care to our global populations,” said Ann Asbaty, CEO, Cigna International Markets, Americas. “Those we serve rely on the power of our global partnerships and our demonstrated commitment to putting the customer first and finding solutions to help wherever people need us in the world.”

“Our global footprint and scaled platform allow us to connect medical services with Cigna International Markets customers working in India instantly. We are fortunate and humbled to partner to meet the health needs of employees of U.S. corporations in India, to keep them safe throughout the pandemic,” said Carlos Nueno, President of International Operations at Teladoc Health.

By delivering locally relevant telehealth solutions in India and countries across the globe, the Cigna International Markets and Teladoc Health collaboration is helping to simplify access to care while also saving lives.


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