Support Your Immune System

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Support Your Immune System


It's important to take steps to support our overall health and well-being to help decrease our risk of getting ill. Looking after our complex immune systems by following a healthy lifestyle and keeping up-to-date on vaccinations can help.

Things you can do to support your immune system include:

  • Get enough sleep - while sleeping, your body produces and releases cytokines – a protein that targets infections.1
  • Exercise regularly - physical activity prompts antibodies and white blood cells to travel throughout the body more quickly, ready to identify illnesses.2,3
  • Minimize stress - over time, increased cortisol levels can have a negative effect on several parts of the body, including the immune system.4
  • Keep up to date with all vaccines - vaccines are one of the simplest, most effective things you can do to help prevent and/or reduce the severity of the illness.

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