Cigna Healthcare 360 Global Well-Being Survey

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Cigna Healthcare 360 Global Well-being Survey


The Cigna HealthcareSM 360 Well-being Survey was launched in 2015, starting with six markets, and examines people’s perceptions across five indices: family, financial, physical, social and work. Over the last nine years, the survey has evolved and adapted to cover more markets, as well as to add health and well-being topics which are increasingly important to our customers. By gaining a better understanding of the perceptions of our customers and clients and their evolving needs, we can ensure that we continue to address their health needs and help them achieve peace of mind.

March 2023: Health Warning – Cost of living pressure could trigger global health crisis

For our first 2023 Cigna Healthcare 360 Global Well-being Survey report, the research reveals an alarming link between rising costs of living and declining health.

Pandemics, food shortages, inflation: in recent times, successive humanitarian, geopolitical and financial crises have precipitated major economic shifts across the globe. All this means business leaders are dealing with unprecedented levels of uncertainty for their company and their employees. Businesses now need to focus on organizational performance or risk falling behind, which means giving employees the support they need to keep the engine running smoothly.

To better understand the issues employers face in the new environment, Cigna Healthcare surveyed almost 9,000 people across the world* about their worries, their current state of health, and the support they need to live healthier lives.

Read our full report here: Health Warning – Cost of living pressure could trigger global health crisis


*The Cigna Healthcare International Health research was conducted via an online survey between 3rd and 31st January 2023 in the following markets: Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, the Netherlands, UAE, UK and the United States. The respondents were members of the general population, aged 16 to 65, representative of age, gender, and income. The survey also included expats, aged 16 to 65, currently residing in a country other than the country of citizenship.

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