Steps to a healthy workforce

Measure and evaluate: with health assessments and personal and organisational reports

Change: with health improvement programmes, wellness campaigns, health coaching and other existing benefits

Monitor: monitor progress and return of investment by reassessment

Did you know? Actively promoting* health and wellbeing enhances...

The health and wellbeing of a company’s global workforce influences everything from recruitment and retention to productivity, cost control, absence management, brand perception and everyday morale in the workplace.

Wellbeing is built in small steps on a solid foundation. Building a culture of wellbeing is more than just a series of wellbeing programmes. It's a goal you set and a strategy you create. It's a commitment to a plan you embrace and share with the entire organisation.

Cigna believes this foundation is key to a successful wellbeing programme and the best way to create an overall culture of wellbeing in the workplace.