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Jet lag, unfamiliar surroundings, too many meetings... there are plenty of reasons to avoid exercise when you're working overseas. But squeezing in a workout will improve your energy levels in the long run and we've found some ways for you to add some fitness to your timetable no matter where you are.

Keep active en route
If you know that you'll be "killing time" at an airport, travel in casual clothes and running shoes so you can do some brisk, fat-burning walks. Add an element of competition by timing your 'airport circuits' or carry a pedometer to record your number of steps.

Stretch out flight time
Nothing cramps joints and muscles more than sitting on an airplane. The long aisles offer plenty of opportunity for lunges, calf raises and bicep curls that you can try doing during a flight. And if you time your inflight exercise just, it might just give you a hand in managing jet lag.

Saddle up
Cycling is "the new golf" among executives, with dedicated clubs and organizations around the globe. If you know your colleagues also ride, why not suggest a meeting with a two-wheel twist? Or if you're traveling to a city with a pay-as-you-go bike rental system, use your downtime to take one for a spin - inspect the equipment and make sure safety features are working properly before you head off.

Break the routine
If you're locked into an exercise routine at your local gym, you might be put off by the hotel gym's complicated-looking equipment. It's worth booking a session with a personal trainer to ask them for a bespoke "no-machine" workout routine. They'll create a session you can run through wherever you are, using a table for tricep dips, a bed for raised push-ups, and steps for leg raises.

Hit the ground running
Get to know the local area by going for a run. Ask hotel staff for advice on a route that's safe and that will take in the local sights at the same time.

Request a walking meeting
It may not be an appropriate option for every kind of meeting, but if the other participants agree, it's a great way to work some exercise into your day. Walking meetings will not only achieve your business goal, but they'll also increase creativity, improve communication and engagement and encourage relaxation. And you'll also benefit from seeing more of your host city than you would from a meeting room.

Walk and talk
Don't lay on your hotel bed or lounge on the sofa while making your daily calls to family, friends or the office back home. Use the opportunity to go for a walk. If the weather doesn't allow, or there are safety concerns, you can always use the halls of your hotel for circuits.

Break it up
If you have a busy schedule, don't expect to find a thirty-minute slot for your exercise. Instead, two 15 minute sessions or three 10 minute sessions can be equally effective. Just remember: when it comes to exercising while on business, something is always better than nothing.

This information is for educational purposes only. It is not medical advice. Use of this information is at your sole risk. Always consult your doctor prior to beginning a new exercise program.

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