We’re here to help – anytime, anywhere

In light of the recent earthquake impacting those in Turkey and Syria, we wish to reaffirm our commitment to helping those we serve, and the communities in which we live and work.

During this challenging time, we’d like to remind our Cigna Global Health Benefits® customers of the whole health services available to you. We are available 24/7 to assist with employee health and well-being needs through our Global Service Center toll-free at 1.800.441.2668.

In addition to resources available through our service center, we are pleased to offer eligible customers1 the following:

  • Cigna Envoy®
    Customers can quickly and conveniently locate a nearby in-network doctor or medical facility using the Cigna Envoy mobile app or website — It’s simple to search our health care professional directory.
  • Global Telehealth1,2,3
    Customers can speak directly with a doctor via phone or video consultation using the Cigna Wellbeing mobile app or via the Cigna Envoy mobile app or website –
    • If you have a Medical Benefits Abroad (MBA) plan, employees can access these services by downloading the Teladoc® Global Complete on demand app or by calling 1.800.243.1348.
  • International Employee Assistance Program (IEAP)1
    Offering counseling support to those in need. Customers can call the reverse-charge number at +44.208.987.6230 and access short-term counseling services.
  • Rapid Response Critical Incident
    This post-incident service is available in the event it is determined additional support for employees and their families is needed. This service can be requested using this form.

1 Certain services require employer subscription.

2 Telehealth services may not be available in all jurisdictions. Not all providers have video chat capabilities and video chat may not be available in all areas.

3 Cigna offers global telehealth in partnership with Teladoc. All doctors are licensed in the countries where they practice medicine and are fully qualified and trained to provide this service.