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Meet Cigna's Customer Team Lead

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Meet Cigna's Customer Team Lead



It’s not just about getting through to customer service, it’s about what happens next. Robin Proctor, Cigna’s Customer Team Lead, knows how to support our customers through any crisis.

I’ve been working with Cigna for more than 15 years and I wear a lot of hats in my role. You have to offer good customer service to stand out with each customer. I’m a team lead in the customer service contact center.


"There will always be someone to answer a call or respond to an email, 24/7"

Robin Proctor, Customer Team Lead


My role is to handle and research escalated issues requiring supervisory intervention in a timely manner. My responsibilities include coaching my team of virtual customer service representatives, developing them to be greater by listening to their calls randomly to ensure that they are answering questions appropriately and courteously, and training various teams within the contact center with new material.

We get calls from all over the world. In our North America call center alone, we receive hundreds of calls daily from within the U.S. and internationally.  These can be internal and external clients, employees or providers both in and outside of our network. It’s a lot of people to help, but we’re well-versed in dealing with every scenario.

There will always be someone to answer a call or respond to an email, 24/7. There are different shifts to ensure every customer can be responded to at any time. Cigna’s goal is to set the standard for service in the industry, so we go above and beyond to help the customer.

Helping customers understand their Cigna benefits is part of our job. We might have someone wanting a specialist doctor in a specific location and, while that information is at their fingertips through our Cigna Envoy® website, they might not know how to access it. In that case, we can talk them through the site step-by-step, showing them how to find what they are looking for.

The waiting time for every call is nominal. Even during peak hours in the day when there are a lot of calls coming through it will be a short wait, but normally we answer within 30 seconds for our customer line and 90 seconds for our provider line. We also have the benefit of our Language Line, which means when a caller doesn’t speak English fluently we are able to request an interpreter who speaks the caller’s native language to help us handle the call. 

We’ll always go the extra distance. We deal with many different scenarios every day. Different people in different places with different problems and if I can’t help them there and then, I will give them my full name, direct number and email so they can be assured that I’m working on it. Either I or someone else will follow up within 24 hours – at Cigna we place a very high standard on customer service.”

-  Robin Proctor, Cigna’s Customer Team Lead


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