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Feature Articles

"Destination: China" as published in Expatriate Healthcare & Travel Insurance Magazine
Download | PDF 139kb

"The Expatriate Experience in South Africa" as published in MOBILITY
Download | PDF 1.8MB

"Pandemic Considerations for International Employers as published in MOBILITY
Download | PDF 328kb

"The Implications of Underwriting International Medical Insurance," as published in ISCEBS Newsbriefs
Download | PDF 224kb

Global Planning for the Unpredictable — Preparation for a “Black Swan” Event, as published in Benefits & Compensation International
Download | PDF 1.1MB

Preparing for the H1N1 Flu: Is Your Business Ready?, as published in the Philadelphia Business Journal
Download | PDF 1.52MB

Pandemics Preparedness, as published in Insurance & Financial Advisor
Download | PDF 139kb

Helping Employers Choose Global Benefits in a Changing World Economy, as published in California Broker
Download | PDF 1.5MB

A Sea Change of Benefit Coverages for Global Employers, as published in Global HR News
Download | PDF 2.1MB

Critical Conditions — Seeking Suitable Health Care in China, as published in Mobility
Download | PDF 780kb

International Benefits Outlook, as published in Mobility
Download | PDF 192kb

Worldwide Practices and Trends in Expatriate Compensation, as published in Benefits and Compensation Digest
Download | PDF 84kb

Exploding the Myths of International Benefits, as published in Benefits and Compensation Solutions Forecast
Download | PDF 152kb

Expatriate Benefits for a Changing Global Economy, as published in Benefits and Compensation Solutions
Download | PDF 572kb

Culture, Infrastructure, and International Health Benefits Delivery, as published in Benefits Quarterly
Download | PDF 52kb

The Right Mix of Expatriate Employee Compensation Components, as published in Benefits and Compensation Digest
Download | PDF 172kb

Media Releases

Cigna-NFTC Survey: Expatriates Want More from Their Employers
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Cigna's Explanation of Benefits Now Speaks the Language of World Travelers
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Cigna Launches Enhanced International Employee Assistance Program
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Cigna Expands Global Presence to Singapore; Introduces Premier Group Health Care Product
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Cigna Enters Global Individual Health Market; Launches Cigna Global Health Options
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Cigna Acquires Vanbreda International, Making Cigna the Leading Global Provider of Expatriate Benefits
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Cigna's Health Care Podcasts Speak Your Language
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Cigna Expands Sales and Service in Canada
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Cigna to Offer Individual Private Medical Insurance
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Cigna Adds 4,000 New Hospitals and Clinics to Network in Russia
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Cigna Introduces Health Assessments for Expatriates
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Cigna Builds Network in Africa
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Now Playing on iTunes: Cigna Podcasts for Expatriates and Business Travelers
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Cigna & CMC Launches Comprehensive Health Care Product in China; Reinforces Strength of Cigna as a Global Health Service Company
Download | PDF 28kb

Cigna Compass Helps Expatriates Navigate Through Health Care Around the World
Download | PDF 24kb

Cigna Adds China and Macau to its Network
Download | PDF 32kb

ParkwayHealth and QHMS Sign On to Cigna Envoy Portal
Download | PDF 32kb

Cigna Envoy Health Care Facility Web Site Launch
Download | PDF 48kb

New Podcasts Available Through Cigna Envoy
Download | PDF 56kb

Cigna's Malaysia Network Expands
Download | PDF 48kb

New Product: Short Term Abroad
Download | PDF 36kb